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By Valaid. Sweet! Thanks! XD


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1. If you could have any season all year around what season would…

No basement, plenty of bodies~ And cats…

"Emotions cannot consciously be controlled."

Forgot to post this~
Went on a tour of Hanau, birthplace of the brothers Grimm, and coincidently ran into the Frankfurt lolita group at the Cinderella play~ They were all very nice!

Coord (nothing special cause of the long bus ride):

JSK: BTSSB Cinderella Jewelry
Blouse: Meta
Socks/Boots: AP
Jewelry: Off brand/Putamayo

How do you feel about wigs in lolita?

Fine on other people, but I can’t wear them. They creep me out.

I missed Loliday… :C

Update! ANTL Pg 18

Update! ANTL Pg 18

Collaboration of My Dreams

My two favorite groups come together to make something amazing!!!
*sobbing ugly tears*

(Humanized)Sully/Mike. Dooooo ittttttt~~~ Size diff, and bitchy uke!Mikey... what more incentive do you neeeed?

NO!……………………………………………….Okay, maybe XD DAMN YOU!

America’s Next Top Lolita Pg 17!

America’s Next Top Lolita Pg 17!

Jumba/pleakley NOWZ!! You know you wannna~~~ <3



NO! Get outta here, and take your silly perversions with you!!!